Our Promise to You

No Additional Fees Period

No Additional Fees Period

No Additional Fees Period


"We have no additional hidden fees or charges.  Some pharmacies make you join a "membership" or charge you administration fees.  We will not charge you for anything but your drug co pays and for the supplements you purchase."    

Eric Beyer, Owner of Granite Pharmacy

Monthly Clinical Review

No Additional Fees Period

No Additional Fees Period


As part of our routine process,  our pharmacist review every order, for potential medication errors.   A pharmacist checks your packets each month looking for possible drug interactions and prescription duplication.


Service & Delivery

Our services and delivery are free for residents of Missoula, Frenchtown and Libby.  We just ask that you fill your prescriptions with us.

Drug CoPays

We accept all major insurance plans including Medicare Part D and Medicaid. Your copays shouldn't change from your previous pharmacy. We will work with you to find drug savings coupons and cost saving alternatives.

Vitamins & OTC Medications

You will have charges for your vitamins and otc products that you purchase.  We will work with you on the most cost effective clinical alternatives to save you money.